A comprehensive dictionary of chemistry by Greg Willie

By Greg Willie

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Längst ein Klassiker: Kein anderes deutschsprachiges Werk über Makromoleküle erscheint bereits in der sechsten Auflage! Mit Band 2 liegt nun eine zeitgemäße Behandlung der phsikalischen Eigenschaften von Makromolekülen vor. Er schildert in seinem ersten Teil die Struktur isolierter Moleküle und die zur Strukturaufklärung verwendeten Verfahren, bevor dann Mikro- und Makrokonformationen von Makromolekülen beschrieben werden.

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Ment to the oxidising agent in tile other; also called electromo- I • cgs . fiorce; represeme d b y t h e compare with 51 . An older tlve of units that uses J symbol E. ·mirtry ==-""'-""=-"================= I 32 Charles'law I chemical property II ==~~~~~~~=* centimeters, grams, and seconds as base units. I • Charles' law I the volume of a gas is directly I proportional to its temperature in kelvins, if pressure and I amount of gas remain constant. Doubling the kelvin temperature of a gas at con- I stant pressure will double its volume.

There are several notations. The subshell notation lists subshells in order of increasing energy, with the number of electrons in each subshell indicated as a superscript. For example, Is2 2S2 2 p 3 means "2 electrons in the Is subs hell, 2 electrons in the 2s subs hell, and 3 electrons in the 2p subs hell. I • I I I I I I I ; • electron deficient compounds ~ compounds that contain at least ; one atom (other than H) that : shares fewer than eight -elec~ trons. ~ • electro negativity ; compare with ionisation energy and electron affinity.

Properties in solution. ~ Free radicals do not have a comI pie ted octet and often undergo • Frasch process vigorous redox reactions. Free method by which elemental I radicals produced within cells sulphur is mined or extracted. I can react with membranes, enSulphur is melted with superzymes, and genetic material, heated water (at 170°C under I high pressure) and forced to damaging or even killing the the surface of the earth as a I cell. Free radicals have been I implicated in a number of deslurry.

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