A Lighthearted Quest by Ann Bridge

By Ann Bridge

While Julia undertook to discover her cousin, Colin Munro, final heard of cruising a yacht off the north coast of Africa, the hunt appeared lighthearted sufficient. yet, earlier than she had entire, she was once concerned with Moorish old purchasers, a Belgian lady archaeologist, Purcell, the enigmatic barkeeper, and American airman, the saurian Mr. St. John, and diverse different characters captivating or sinister. Julia’s seek takes her a cargo-boart to Casablanca, and thence to Tangier, Fez and Marrakech. Her ’dumb-blonde’ attractiveness, camouflaging a full of life intelligence, will get her via unforeseen problems and risks. Colin is located, and the mysterious explanation for his disappearance ultimately printed. . .

The first in a sequence of 8 Julia Probyn novels, The Lighthearted Quest monitors a mix of humour and experience which transports us to unique areas and introduces us to pleasing humans, but additionally throws a great deal of mild at the explosive political concerns that French Morocco encountered within the 50s.

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