A Matrix Knot Invariant by Alexander J. W.

By Alexander J. W.

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How then does the world come to be for itself ? How has the consciousness ‘to build transnational cooperation around shared goals’ by which Jackie Smith defined transnational social movements (Smith et al. 1997, 59–60) come about? How did what Richard Falk called ‘non territorial reality of global consciousness’ (Falk 1995a; 1995b), Peter Beyer ‘global awareness’ (Beyer 1994), Jan Aart Scholte a ‘world perspective’ (Scholte 1993) and, most famously, Anthony Giddens (Giddens 1990) and Ulrich Beck, ‘global reflexivity’ (Beck 1999; 2000) emerge?

From their miradors, they have viewed cities with detachment, as abstracted, bundled and levelled spaces where could be installed ‘geometric freedom’ (Le Corbusier 1994 [1925]). In what may be thought of as the birthing moment of modern urbanism, Le Corbusier saw Paris thus from the Eiffel tower: Ascending the Eiffel tower he felt was a solemn moment, for little by little as the horizons rose, the mind was projected onto a wider screen. -E. Debord, Asger Jorn, 1956. the eye took in the urban panorama, optimism reigned and there the imagination conceived of vast new arrangements of space.

The artisanal work of a single author, with minimal research assistance, this book cannot, of course, aim to present a credible catalogue raisonné of global practices at the beginning of the twentieth century. Admittedly, what is presented here, especially in Chapters 3 and 4, is neither as exhaustive nor as detailed as I would have liked, or as it would have been had my means to do research been a better match for the ambition of my theorizing. 16 Introduction Short of assembling exhaustive, or even convincing, documentation, what I can do is travel intelligently enough between the small, particular world of conjunctural practices and abstract, synthetical, modes of social relations to the world economy, to make leaps of faith seem reasonable and perhaps to help theoretical work catch up a little with the pace of events.

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