Admiral's Ghost by NB VanYoos

By NB VanYoos

From l. a. drug broker to hero of an alien global, the Universe should have a feeling of humor. Tyler Jensen, an earthling misplaced within the cosmos, struggles to appreciate the technologically complex international whose hero he has inadvertently turn into. Posing because the very best Commander of the planet?s fleet, Tyler needs to fast study the murky alliances of the army to be successful opposed to their neighboring enemy. Will Tyler?s naivet? doom the warring global or can he navigate the political trappings of the Admiral?s global to overcome one other?

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In this way, all things are connected to the Universe by this fabric of the insubstantial life force. ” Uncle Sal blew rings into the air, satisfied with his explanation. “The complexity of the matter dictates the amount of ethereal substance it contains. Take for instance the life similar to the Fate’s Teacher 45 bodies we currently possess, they possess a large amount of the ethereal life force, thus endowing them with more than just life. ” He paused to refill his pipe and relit it in a blaze of flame and smoke.

He tried to remember how many planets Earth’s A Needle In The Universe 27 solar system possessed, but his rudimentary science background failed to produce an accurate count. He tried to remember them by name: Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Those came easily enough, and he thought he could even remember what they looked like. But the others were fuzzy, maybe Mercury or Venice, he wasn’t sure. In any event, he wouldn’t recognize them anyway. He turned his attention to the largest planets in the solar system.

He turned his attention away and looked at the dark spheres he’d seen in the distance. He focused on one and it grew large enough to realize it was a planet circling the star. It, too, seemed large. It was dark green in color, while other colors flowed across its surface like a spinning marble. He thought about what it would be like inside the swirling colors and felt the rush of transition. Gaseous clouds flew past at dizzying speeds. Their colors were shades of green and white with black mixed throughout.

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