An Example of a Simply Connected Surface Bounding a Region by Alexander J. W.

By Alexander J. W.

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Whilst discussing the development of house technology and house know-how, most folk instinctively take into consideration deep house flights, lunar stations, and exciting outer house adventures. the truth is that almost all of the human expertise in house, which is composed of interconnected satellites, issues in the direction of Earth, and is used to supply providers for and fulfil the objectives of individuals on planet Earth.

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That's her, all right. " She gave a derisive snort. " "We won't know till we look inside," O'Brien went on. His words sounded forced even to Kira. "Come on, then," she said, turning toward the turbolift. " She wove her way through the crowds on the Promenade toward the nearest lift, letting her anger build to a white-hot fury. The station was packed, and crowds swelled the Promenade to bursting, but she noticed that everyone who saw her face or met her gaze had the good sense to scramble out of her way.

She said in surprise. Kira forced a smile. "That's right," she said. Who was this woman? She didn't look familiar. "You don't remember me, of course," the woman said. "I'm Jael--Koratta Jael, from Devys's cell? We only met once, and it was many years ago. But I've seen you quite a few times lately on the news reports. You're making quite a name for yourself. " "Yes," Kira said. Koratta Jael... that name did sound vaguely familiar, even if her face wasn't. It had been quite a few years, she reminded herself.

If O'Brien said he could make a working ship out of the two, Sisko knew he could rely on him to deliver. Their three years here together had proved his chief engi- neer's competence time and again. Still, putting to- gether a fix-up ship had its own risks. You never knew quite what you were getting with a used starship... let alone two of them. Systems might fail suddenly, or there might be slight design variations between them if they were built in different years. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be much choice.

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