An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Sets by Professor James J. Buckley, Professor Esfandiar Eslami

By Professor James J. Buckley, Professor Esfandiar Eslami (auth.)

This ebook is to be the place to begin for any curriculum in fuzzy platforms in fields like computing device technological know-how, arithmetic, business/economics and engineering. It covers the fundamentals resulting in: fuzzy clustering, fuzzy development popularity, fuzzy database, fuzzy photo processing, gentle computing, fuzzy purposes in operations examine, fuzzy selection making, fuzzy rule established structures, fuzzy structures modeling, fuzzy arithmetic. it's not a e-book designed for researchers - it really is the place you actually study the "basics" wanted for any of the above-mentioned applications.

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Minimize sp( C). b. maximize sp(C). CHAPTER 3. 6 Alpha-Cuts If A is a fuzzy subset of universal set X, then the a-cut of A, written A[a], is defined as {x E XIA(x) ~ a}, for 0 < a :::; 1. The a = 0 cut, or A[O], must be defined separately because {x E XIA(x) ~ 0} is always the whole universal set X. Notice that A[a] is a crisp set for all a, 0:::; a:::; 1. The core of A, written co(A), is A[1] and the support of A, sp(A), is not A[O] but {x E XIA(x) > 0}. Notice that if 0 < a 1 < a2 :::; 1, then A[a2] ~ A[a1].

11) De Morgan: Identity : (Au BY= Ac n Be, (AnB)c=AcuBc. 13) = A, A n ¢> = ¢>, = X,AnX =A. 2. 16) An (AUB) =A. 17) Let us show how these may be proven using membership functions. 13). Let C = (An B)e and D = Ae U Be and we show that C(x) = D(x) for all x in X. Now C(x) = 1 if (An B)(x) = 0 and C(x) = 0 for (An B)(x) = 1. 18) 0, if A(x) and B(x) = 1. Also, D(x) = 1 if Ae(x) or Be(x) = 1 and D(x) = 0 for Ae(x) and Be(x) = 0. Hence D(x) = { 1, if A(x) or B(x) = 0 0, if A(x) and B(x) = 1. 19), C(x) = D(x), for all x in X, and this De Morgan law holds.

C = Cm. b. C = Cp. c. c = cb. d. C = C*. 3. Is (Ac)[a] = (A[aW true or false? 4. Show A[a] = n{A[,B]Ia < ,8:::; 1}, foro:::; a< 1. 5. If A is a crisp set, then what is A[ a], 0 < a :::; 1? 6. Show A :::; B if and only if A[ a] ~ B[a], 0 7. Show A= B if and only if A[ a] = B[a], 0 < a :::; 1. < a :::; 1. 8. 10. 9. 11. 6. 1 10. Give an example of a continuous fuzzy subset A of R where A[ a] is not an interval for all 0 :::; a :::; 1. 11. How would you define, if possible, a-cuts of type 2, or level 2, fuzzy sets?

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