The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out” (John 1:5)

Metal Sanctuary is a Christian ministry in Sweden with the vision to become a Metal Church, a place of freedom for every Christian metal head where they can feel at home and grow in their Christian faith.

The network Metal Sanctuary contains ordinairy people from all over Sweden and we have one interest in common: To reach out to the secular world of heavy metal and hard rock with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to be a bright shining light in the dark, a spiritual free town for everyone who loves Jesus and heavy music.

We attend secular metal festivals and concerts to spread the Swedish version of the Metal Bible, a Bible that is dedicated to metal heads with a pretty cool layout and testimonies from Christian artists like Nicko McBrain in Iron Maiden and Tommy Aldridge in Whitesnake. The Metal Bible is soon to be released in both English, Spanish and several other languages. Keep your eyes open for that.

We hold prayer gatherings and metal concerts. Our aim is to start up metal cell groups throughout Sweden. Right now we have at least one such cell group rocking in the Örebro area.

Big bless and keep rocking for the Rock!!!

Andy, Göran, Fredrick, Mattias, Robert

Leaders of Metal Sanctuary